Friday, June 8, 2018

The Return of the Druids

From Return to Order:
The Druids’ principal doctrine supported a life without moral consequences since they believed the soul did not die but passed at death from one person to another. Although these frequenters of sacred oak groves are viewed as a priestly sect, they were quite secular. Their influence was much more social than religious since their role was mostly administrative and ceremonial. The Druids had no god of their own nor did they introduce any new divinity. They merely lived with the local gods as they were. Finally, as a part of their duties, the Druids performed human sacrifices. It was their custom to have large wickerwork structures that were filled with people and then burned as part of their offerings to appease local divinities.

To those who have observed modern Ireland, these and other similarities make the Druid appear quite familiar. With the approval of abortion, modern Irish progressives are fully neo-Druids. With the killing of the unborn, they will lead the nation back to its cruel and barbarous origins. Likewise, they will be the bitterest opponents of Christianity, not to be appeased until the light of Christ is snuffed out. That is how it was in the past, and is again today. (Read more.)


Unknown said...

Most pagans are actually pro life.

elena maria vidal said...

True. Except when it came to human sacrifice. But then it was only because the person was precious to them that they were sacrificed. The modern pagans are much worse than the old ones.

Unknown said...

Yes. To the credit of the Egyptians they did not believe in human sacrifice.