Monday, June 4, 2018

The Enigma of Mary Stuart

From Regina:
In a palace full of intrigue and murder, she trusted Bothwell — an unwise choice, as it turned out. He kidnapped her and held her captive in Dunbar Castle. Not one laird came to Mary's rescue during these twelve days of captivity. Feeling deserted by all, and fearing for herself and her child, Mary agreed to wed Bothwell — who’d allegedly raped her so she’d have to marry him to save her honor.

In any event, her decision to marry the arrogant, profane Bothwell was considered most unseemly, following too closely on Darnley's murder. Was it merely a desperate bid for self-preservation and protection for her infant son? Perhaps Mary grew weary of the endless turbulence around her, but the affair sullied her standing even among supporters. Whatever the reason, now the Scottish lords were jealous of Bothwell, and Mary was on a rollercoaster to ruin. She escaped to England the next year, hoping for sympathy from Elizabeth. It was not to be. “Good Queen Bess” had Mary arrested; she was held for nineteen years. Her son was taken from her, and raised Protestant under the watchful eye of ‘Gloriana.’

Nevertheless, born to rule, even in captivity Mary avidly embraced her queenly role and right. She never relinquished her claim to the Scottish throne despite schemes to depose her. And she remained a faithful daughter of the Church to the end. Her faith especially deepened in her last two decades of house confinement. (Read more.)
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julygirl said...

Tragedy seemed to stalk the lives of the Royals. Being born to wealth and power only put their lives in more jeopardy.