Saturday, June 30, 2018

9 Things Successful Women Do Before 9AM

The first thing I try to do is lift up my heart and mind to God. Some other good ideas are offered by The Every Girl:
If you find yourself hitting snooze approximately 10 times before finally rolling out of bed, frantically digging through your closet to find an outfit and then doing your makeup/eating breakfast during your drive to work, your mornings may need an overhaul. After all, your morning routine sets the tone for your entire day. To be more successful at #life, try these tried-and-true tricks. Here, nine things successful women do before 9am....This doesn’t necessarily have to be a workout. Even just some light yoga or going for a walk can help you get your blood flowing, reduce stress and boost your mood. (Although, you definitely get bonus points for knocking out a spin class or 5-mile run at the crack of dawn.) (Read more.)

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