Saturday, June 30, 2018

Amnesty and the Blue Wave

From The American Thinker:
Amnesty for illegal aliens has never been a winning issue for Democrats.  Barack Obama seemed to operate with this knowledge.  But his successors obviously don't share his political cunning. 
Obama, you see, always played his cards close to the vest when it came to the politics of this issue.  He paid lip service, at least, to constitutional protocol: "I'm not a king," he told many audiences who desired that he unilaterally cease deportations for criminal trespassers. 
Deportations had to happen by law, he asserted.  But beneath the table, he was undermining the laws of the people as only the shiftiest despot might. 
Take what's commonly become known as his "catch and release" policy, more formally known as his administration's "prosecutorial discretion" guidelines.  Under these guidelines, ICE data from 2013 reveal, "hundreds of thousands [of illegal aliens] who were identified in the interior of the country were released instead of removed."  In that year, only 25% of criminal trespassers in America were charged with their crime.  To make matters worse, a large number of those released were criminals, even beyond their having committed the crime of entering this country illegally.  In fact, 68,000 (or 35% of the illegal aliens encountered by officers) had "criminal convictions," and they were released into the population "without formal notice to law enforcement agencies and victims." For the record, more than 80% of Americans disagree with this "catch and release" policy to this day. (Read more.)
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