Wednesday, June 13, 2018

An Open Letter to Chuck Wendig

From Ann Margaret Lewis at Catholic Geeks:
The number one rule for any entertainment venture, be it film, play, book or comic is this: Do not waste the audience’s time and money. They are there to be entertained. Your job is to entertain them. If you don’t do that, they will not give you money in the future.

The Last Jedi broke this cardinal rule. It really is that simple. The Last Jedi did not entertain, but wasted my, and much of the broader audience’s, time and hard-earned cash. Only hard-core fans saw it more than once (which gave them more to complain about on social media). Now, I have seen Solo. But I will tell you that I did not want to initially. I had to be cajoled into it by my husband, who was willing to try it. I was one of those who felt burned by The Last Jedi and it had nothing whatever to do with the diversity thing. I was angry because my time and money was wasted the last time, just as it had been with the prequels. No, it didn’t ruin my childhood. My childhood was my childhood and it will not change. I wasn’t angry about the old characters being misused, etc. I was angry that the whole thing was a time suck beginning to end and not worth what I paid to see it. In fact, my comment on leaving the theater after TLJ was this: “For what they spent to make that film they could have fed a third-world country and the money would have been better spent. They couldn’t pay a decent screenwriter to give them a well-structured story?” (Read more.)

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