Saturday, June 2, 2018

Girls and Boys Shouldn't Do Everything Together

From The Philadelphia Inquirer:
On Thursday, a federal appeals court refused to stop the school district from violating our privacy rights, so we’re considering our next steps. As one of my attorneys said after that decision, “The Supreme Court has already spoken: The real differences between men and women mean that privacy must be protected where it really counts, and that certainly includes high school locker rooms and restrooms.”

The pushback in the media has been what you might expect, if you’ve been following these kinds of cases around the country the last few years. According to the people on the blogs and at the microphones, those of us who object to finding ourselves in private spaces with people of the opposite sex must be bigots, or religious extremists, to deny our peers who identify with the opposite sex their choice of restroom. I guess it’s always easier to label people than to think about where they’re coming from.

I come from a broken home. As a child, I struggled for a long time through a broken foster care system. Eventually, a good, loving family adopted me, but all those previous experiences made me a shy and quiet little girl who didn’t have a voice of my own. (Read more.)

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