Monday, September 4, 2017

Why Are We So Divided Today?

From Roman Catholic Man:
Why is there so much division today? Because we live in an information age, and the vast majority of those who “control the message” seem to either ignore, or even have disdain for, Godly values. In other words, we are being “programmed by the worldly.” Those who live on a steady diet of television and movies that herald such things as fornication, sodomy and adultery, are especially prone to this indoctrination.

 The rate of speed as to how fast our culture has turned its back on God and His truths – as revealed through scripture – seems to run concurrent with the advance of communication technology. While the government held strict moral decency laws early on, efforts to “push the envelope” have been relentless over the years. Now, any child who can work a cell phone can access the most egregious pornography imaginable.

A recent Pew Reseach study shows that Christianity has seen a dramatic drop from their ranks. The most significant drop is among Millennials, who happen to be the most “tuned in” to pop culture. As more and more people fall prey to this indoctrination, “traditional” folks become fewer and fewer and, therefore, seen as “out of touch with the times.” We truly are becoming a “remnant.” But, I am particularly concerned with the accelerated rate of this indoctrination in just the past few years. With the advent of high speed internet, the anti-God indoctrination is in hyperdrive.

Consider the change of attitude of our country toward gay marriage. In just 2008 – and the presidential election – both Democrats and Republicans ran “in favor” of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act). Just 7 short years later, the Democrats see their support of Gay Marriage to be a make or break issue that could win them the 2016 election.
Republicans, and even most leaders within the Catholic Church, are choosing to remain mostly silent on the issue. Why? According to a Pew Research study, in 2001 Americans overwhelmingly opposed same-sex marriage by a 57% to 35% margin. Just a few short years later, we now see a majority of Americans (52%) supporting same-sex marriage, compared with 40% who oppose it. Literally overnight, the country has flipped on this issue and Americans are now willing to allow the redefinition of marriage … something that has not occurred since the dawn of civilization. (Read more.)

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