Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A New Project

 Announcing the opening of my Etsy shop, Trianon Bouquet, where I will be selling homemade, all natural face creams. Both the night treatment Midnight Bouquet and the day treatment Morning Bouquet are offered. The beauty creams were created for women over thirty-five. The restorative formula is designed to help diminish signs of aging, as well as revive the skin's suppleness and softness, with regular use. The essential oils of orange blossom, rosemary, lavender and rose are reminiscent of the gardens of Trianon. Midnight Bouquet may also be used as skin therapy for dry elbows, knees, and feet, and as a hair masque to repair split ends. Trianon Bouquet Beauty Creams are inspired by Queen Marie-Antoinette, who loved her gardens at Petit Trianon, and was known to have beauty products made from her own herbs and flowers.

After traveling to the Far East, I fell in love with coconut oil, a time-proven beauty product of women in South East Asia. I decided to combine it with olive oil and other oils traditionally used in the West, to make an effective facial treatment for busy, stressed-out modern women. In the meantime, I was inspired to use the herbal and floral fragrances that Marie-Antoinette would have had in her gardens. I remembered how the Queen was fascinated by other cultures, and so would have appreciated the exotic touch of coconut oil as well as the wonders of African shea butter.

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