Sunday, September 3, 2017

Goodbye, Scarlett!

There is much to be learned about slavery, and the roles of women, from both the book and film, not at all of which is "genteel." Plus Mammy is one of the strongest female characters to be found in any film or book. It is a shame that censorship is prevailing. From Dennis Michael Lynch:
“Gone with the Wind” is a landmark film, one which has been beloved since its record-breaking 1939 release. It is, quite simply, a great story that was translated to film beautifully. Now, the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Memphis has decided to stop showing the film, as, in the words of one citizen, it has somehow been placed in the “tributes to white supremacy” category. The film is based around Scarlett O’Hara, a willful, spirited woman who is both the antagonist and protagonist at different times in the film. It depicts the slave state of the “Old South,” painting it in a genteel light and with a bit of nostalgia, while acknowledging some of the darker aspects of the civil war along with the heroics of those that lived in the South at the time. (Read more.)



julygirl said...

Mammy served as Scarlet's conscience and moral guide. The crux of the story depicts how a beautiful, rich, spoiled girl transforms into a woman of substance brought on by the duress of war. It is what it is, without an apology of what life was. That is the importance of the title, "Gone With The Wind"...a way of life built on a fragile platform and easily destroyed. It should remain as it always has, an important film in the archives of film history.

Plus one should not forget the importance of the film regarding the fact that Hattie McDaniel, who starred as 'Mammy', won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. An important first step toward recognition of African-American's contribution to the world of film.

Unknown said...

Scarlett is one of my favorite characters ever.