Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

From the Trianon Health and Beauty Blog:
In the 70's and 80's we were told to avoid coconut oil because it caused cellulite. However, since then, a great deal of research has been done. Coconut oil has been proven to do wonders for the skin and hair. I fell in love with coconut oil during my trip to the Philippines. I found out that my great grandmother used it in her famously beautiful hair. When I created my face creams I made coconut oil a main ingredient. (Read more.)


HJ33 said...

The reason why the general society was told to not use coconut oil or any coconut substance for health reasons is that Big Pharma the U.S. government cannot patent it. Therefor, they can't make a dime by selling something that will replace even the best medicines on the market, and decrease their revenue. They don't care about public health; but rather public fleecing.

elena maria vidal said...

What you say is sad but true! Thank you for commenting!