Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Vegetarians and Depression

From Mercola:
Your diet plays an intricate role in your mood. While excess sugar has been linked to depression, certain foods, like dark leafy greens, mushrooms and turmeric, are linked to positive emotions. In the longer term, what you eat, or don't eat, may also affect your mood by altering your body's levels of certain vitamins, minerals and fatty acids involved in brain health and mood.

While many people choose to eat a vegetarian or vegan diet for health reasons, this is an important factor to consider, as research suggests doing so may be associated with depression.
In fact, in a study of 9,700 vegetarians (including a small number of vegan) men, vegetarians were nearly twice as likely to suffer from depression as meat eaters, even after adjusting for variables like job status, family history and number of children.1 The study couldn't show causation, but it did have a number of theories for why the association may exist. (Read more.)

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