Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Comic Muse

There is a new Catholic literary blog by Daniel McInerny. To quote:
Writing is a craft, and to master the craft the writer must apprentice himself not just to one master, but to an entire tradition of masters. Our word “tradition” comes from the Latin verb tradere: “to hand over.” A tradition can be defined as craft-wisdom gained and handed over from one generation to the next.

All of which means that the craft of writing is not learned in a vacuum. The attempt to invent oneself and one’s style ab ovo is doomed to failure. The writer who is Catholic, along with the writer who is not, is invited to enter the community of the Catholic literary tradition, to learn about the masters of that tradition, and to discern which master(s) to whom he might like to apprentice himself–an activity which in no way precludes learning from the best of other traditions.

Today I am pleased to launch The Comic Muse, the virtual hub of a living community of artists on a mission to renovate the Catholic literary tradition. I’m very glad you’ve stopped by and I hope you will bring a friend and come back often.

The Daily Muse Blog and The Comic Muse Café will serve as our conversation-starters. On the blog you can expect posts on the craft of writing, the world of publishing (with an emphasis on indie publishing), on marketing your book, Catholic authors, book reviews, and more. In the café you will find interviews with writers, publishers and artists working in other genres, not all of whom will be Catholic. (Read more.)

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