Sunday, January 19, 2014


Every lady should have one on a cold winter's day. From Gio:
When they first became popular, in the early 18th century, muffs were small and cozy, but overtime, their size increased, until it almost reached the knees! What started as a practical fashion accessory became a very cumbersome thing to carry around with you! With your muffs, you could go anywhere. You could use them to go for a walk, to the opera, or even just to warm your hands in your cold sitting room. (Read more.)


The North Coast said...

I adore muffs, and I was vexed when I missed out on a beautiful vintage fur muff the other day on E-bay. They are wonderful in Chicago's super-frigid winter weather, because you can wear an ordinary kid glove that allows finger movement, and still keep your hands warm while adding an elegant touch to your heavy winter outer wear, so much nicer than clumsly, ugly mittens.

Given the way they are bid up on E-Bay, I believe that fashion world could market them very successfully. I will surely be thinking about them when I wait for the train in the -12 F weather next week.

Gio said...

Thanks a lot for linking to my post!