Sunday, January 5, 2014

Feminism Has Won

But women have lost a great deal. To quote:
Only 12 percent of moms believe that working full time is an ideal situation for children, and 74 percent of adults say that mothers working outside the home makes it harder to raise children. About half of adults surveyed believe that children are better off if the mother does not work.

Yet today, only three in ten mothers do not work outside the home. The reason the feminists have won is because it is now difficult for men - as well as women - to make enough money from one job to support the entire family. (Read more.)

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Flambeaux said...

I disagree that Feminism has won in any absolute sense. Rather, feminism appears to have won.

But, just like the 68-ers running the Church, I think we're seeing a last gasp.

The economic reality isn't about the triumph of feminism so much as it is about debasement of currency and an unrealistic vision of the single-income family, itself an historical anomaly from the 20th century.

The economic reality, like all distortions of natural phenomena, is subject to reversion to the mean. That will, I believe, self-correct in my lifetime.