Friday, January 17, 2014

Lamentation of Marie-Antoinette

From Reading Treasure:
Marie Antoinette's Lamentation, in her Prison of the Temple by Mary Robinson. Published in The Oracle on March 8th, 1793.
When on my bosom Evening's ruby light
Through my thrice-grated window warmly glows,
Why does the cheerful ray offend my sight,
And with its lustre mock my weary woes?
Alas! because, on my sad breast appears
A dreadful Record — written with my Tears!
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lara77 said...

How totally heartbreaking is this.....a Queen once so high and beloved now brought low by evil men who will stop at nothing to debase and destroy. I cannot imagine the horrors Marie Antoinette went through; the fear for her children and what lay ahead. This is totally devastating to read and so encapsulates what Her Majesty suffered at the hands of barbarians.