Saturday, January 4, 2014

Real Love Equals Truth

 From Pat Archbold: "Well, guess what.  You can't have real love without real truth, even the uncomfortable truths." (Read more.)



lara77 said...

I beg to differ with this article; a person does not choose to be gay; we are wired at birth. Some of the most kind, thoughtful and loving people I have met are gay. In the eyes of Catholicism they are in danger of losing their souls. In my Protestant faith they are full loving children of God. THAT will never change and THAT is one of many positions that will always divide Protestants from Catholics.

elena maria vidal said...

Lara my dear, there is no conclusive evidence about what makes people have homosexual inclination. I too have known many persons with a same sex attraction whom I have loved and admired and who have been kind to me. The Catholic Faith teaches that all are loved by God and that He wishes all to be saved. The Church holds that the inclination itself is a disorder but not sinful. It is only sinful if acted upon. All acts of sodomy are sinful because not only are they against the law of God but also against the natural law.

lara77 said...

But Elena Maria, in nature homosexuality does exist! Scientists have proven in many species the cases of homosexuality; it is a fact. A human being who is gay according to your faith must live as a celibate? I will not even discuss the priests and other religious personnel who have violated their religious vows by preying on young children. These people need help; but not those who are gay and find love and companionship. I love your website and will always read it but on this topic I disagree with you. I respect your love of faith and its principles; as I believe in my faith. I will let God judge; not man.

elena maria vidal said...

Lara, there are many studies out there, and none of them prove definitively what are the causes of same sex attraction. Yes, there are cases among animals but it is not the norm for most species.

No, those Catholic religious who have preyed upon children have no place in this discussion. What they did is not approved of by their Church but rather roundly condemned. And every denomination has cases of such horrendous abuses, not just the Catholic Church.

In Catholicism, for those who choose to practice the Faith and not just give lip service, everyone must be celibate unless they are validly married. Yes, in Catholicism people with homosexual inclinations are called to be celibate. I know of many gay people who are trying to live a chaste life for the love of God.

For that matter, people who are divorced, unless their marriage has been found to be not a true marriage, are required to be celibate. I am divorced. Unless my first marriage is declared null and void, which it may or may not be, I cannot marry again and must be celibate. It is not that difficult. People who have never tried celibacy always think it is too hard. If you love God, anything is possible.

Alan Phipps said...

"But Elena Maria, in nature homosexuality does exist!"

It is a common misunderstanding that "natural law" means "what is normal in nature". In fact, this is not what "natural law" refers to. A lot of things happen in nature that are inapplicable to human beings (e.g. the killing and eating of offspring).

Rather, "natural law" refers to the "nature" of a thing or act and its corresponding purpose. The Church teaches that homosexual sexual acts are contrary to the true nature and purpose of the sexual act. This is part of what makes them destructive to the soul.

None of this has any relevance on the fact that many people with same-sex attraction are good people and are loved by God. I have no doubt that in our history there have been many people with same-sex attraction who have achieved holiness in God's grace by living lives of true virtue.

elena maria vidal said...

Thank you, Alan, for stating the truth so clearly and concisely.

lara77 said...

Alan, you as well as Elena Maria come from the belief system what your church teaches you; that I respect.Please understand that many of us are not Catholics and do not have your belief system. Our heritage is different and that is what makes freedom of religion so wonderful in this nation of ours. We all walk in different shoes with different life experiences. Bless you for your beliefs and I will hold fast to mine.