Friday, August 12, 2011

Trial at Large

The fascinating blog Culture and Stuff has linked to an old book which contains the entire transcript of Marie-Antoinette's trial in English. (Via Vive la Reine.) Many people have written to me over the years asking for an online account in English and here is one at last. It was compiled in 1793 right after the Queen's death. Read HERE. Share


Julygirl said...

Good to know about it.

ham1299 said...

Thank you for sharing this.

cultureandstuff said...

Thanks for sharing this. Too often the trial gets dismissed as a sham, which of course it was, but it remains a fascinating, layered piece of history and a remarkable insight into Marie Antoinette's always enigmatic personality. Her behaviour in court, under unimaginable strain, clearly shows how much she has been toughened by recent events, and how deeply unfair is the persistent myth of Marie Antoinette as light-headed and flimsy. Would love to hear people's reactions to the document!