Monday, March 29, 2010

Music of the Romanovs

Compositions by members of the Imperial Family.
The Romanov Dynasty, which was in service to Russia since the 13th Century, and not only became a tragic part of country’s history but also contributed to the cultural heritage.

The compositions to be performed at the concert are mostly small pieces of saloon music from the second half of the 19th Century – piano pieces or pieces for voice and piano, marches, polkas, songs and romances, the director of the Globalis orchestra, Stanislav Simonov told Apart from these, a remarkable composition by the Tsar of the Russian Empire, Alexander II – a fantasy on Ukrainian themes titled “Maria” – will be played.

All members of the Royal family were traditionally given a brilliant musical education, which turned into beautiful musical artworks. The orchestra will also present compositions by Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich of Russia and Grand Duchess Aleksandra Iosifovna of Russia.

Incidentally, Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich of Russia was not only a talented musician, but was also known in poetic circles. Many of his poems were turned into romances that are still being performed. Moreover Konstantin Konstantinovich wrote several plays and was also a successful painter.



R J said...

Ivan the Terrible wrote music too, apparently:

elena maria vidal said...

He was a gifted man who went awry.