Saturday, March 27, 2010

Glamor at the Drugstore

A new trend, and a nice one, since many women buy their cosmetics at drugstores anyway.
Fans of upscale cosmetics have long associated drugstore makeup with dingy, crowded rows of lipsticks in colors suitable for Grandma. A big downside was that shoppers couldn't try on the product—part of what makes makeup shopping fun. But as women are shopping less at department stores and more frequently at cheaper, more convenient alternatives, mass retailers have seen an opportunity to woo cosmetics shoppers.


Julygirl said...

I used a somewhat expensive 'designer' cologne which one could get only in an upscale department store, then I started seeing it in drug stores, then in Target, then in Walmart. The only down side of this was that the price did not go down, in fact over the years it has gotten more expensive!

Dymphna said...

CVS now lets you return cosmetics that were the wrong color so it's easier buying make up from the drug store.

elena maria vidal said...

Oh, really? Wow!