Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Abuse Crisis

Gerald Warner on the crisis at hand. (The comments are quite interesting, too.)
The “neglected” sacraments and devotional practices that the Pope says could have prevented this did not just wither on the vine: they were actively discouraged by bishops and priests. In the period when this abuse was rampant, there was just one mortal sin in the Catholic Church: daring to celebrate or attend the Latin Tridentine Mass. A priest raping altar boys would be moved to another parish; as for a priest who had the temerity to celebrate the Old Mass – his feet would not touch the ground.

There was a determined resolve among the bishops to deny any meaningful catechesis to the young. That is the generation, wholly ignorant of the faith, that in Ireland achieved material prosperity in the “Celtic Tiger” economy. Initially it still attended Mass (or what passed for Mass) out of social conformity. Then the sex abuse scandal gave Irish post-Vatican II agnostics the perfect pretext for apostasy: tens of thousands who had never been abused, nor met anybody who had, found an excuse to stay in bed on Sunday mornings.


Brantigny said...

There are those who have been Spiritually murdered, and those who commit Spiritual suicide.

Satan's plan of action, use the
5th column of "progressive" Priests, to teach in "progressive" seminaries, and then pollute the minds of the innocent, the bodies of the innocent, and the spirit of the innocent. They have been aided and abetted by Liberal Bishops and Cardinals. Now we wonder why the Churches are empty, and there is no respect for the Sacrements, or priests.

Marine Corps adage: "Courtesy comes with the uniform, Respect is earned." Priests who are respected, who answer to a higher calling than golf, have full churches.


elena maria vidal said...

So true, Richard!

Terry Nelson said...

I read the comment at Rorate - they make so much sense in light of what is going on!
I love Brantigny's comment:
"Priests who are respected, who answer to a higher calling than golf, have full churches." So very true.

elena maria vidal said...

I agree, Terry.

April said...

Elena, congratulations for tackling this issue. Very insightful comments. It's become increasingly obvious to me that the past 40 years have a lot to answer for.

elena maria vidal said...

Thank you, April. Thee has always been scandalous behavior in the Church, but never the tidal wave that we have now.