Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Life of Madame Élisabeth of France

Author Melanie Clegg is offering a series of posts on the life of the youngest sister of Louis XVI, who followed her brother to the guillotine. The images in each post are stunning, with some rare portraits of Madame Élisabeth. Here are the posts:

~A Versailles Childhood
~The Arrival of Marie-Antoinette
~An Adolescent Princess at Versailles
~Beautiful Montreuil
~The Early Days of the Revolution
~The Beginning of the End
~The Temple Days
~The End
~Bust of Madame Élisabeth

Here is a post about the princess who worked for the cause of beatification of Madame Élisabeth. Share


Karin B (Looking for Ballast) said...

I'm glad you are highlighting Melanie's series! It is so wonderfully-written and I was so glad to learn more about Madame Elisabeth. Kudos galore to Melanie for her work on the posts!

elena maria vidal said...

I am genuinely impressed by the extent of her research and am in awe of the pictures she collected.

May said...

What a wonderful series, beautiful illustrations and a great deal of informative detail. And thank you for adding my post to the links- so kind of you.

lara77 said...

What incredible information and photos; thank you so very much. Poor Madame Elizabeth; what a beacon of light she was; especially at the end of her life surrounded by such evil. I loved the story of the smell of roses after Her Royal Highness was murdered; simply amazing her fortitude right up until the end. May she rest in peace.

May said...

I have managed to get hold of a biography of Madame Elisabeth by Princess Henriette of Belgium. It is very, very moving and beautifully written, even better than Henriette's work on Marie-Amelie. Henriette obviously threw her whole heart into the writing and into Elisabeth's cause of beatification. The story is especially touching coming from another princess, who was herself the sister and aunt of tragic kings. And it is also moving to think the work was published in 1942, towards the end of H.'s life and during another dark time, World War II. I will be posting more on it soon...