Thursday, March 25, 2010

Citizen Lafayette

Patriot or traitor?

The eventful summer of 1789 found Lafayette riding a wave of popularity at home. His role in the American Revolution gave him favor among all French revolutionaries.

For his part, Lafayette saw the initial turmoil of the French Revolution as indication of a healthy struggle for democracy. He hoped it would prosper like the American experiment in self-government. He fully endorsed the purpose of Jacobin club members who banded together to defend the new French Constitution. However as 1789 gave place to 1790 and the Jacobins began to demand the deposition of King Louis XVI, Lafayette withdrew his initial support.



Julygirl said...

He had an important role in the American Revolution then no more is heard about him in our history books, so it is interesting to read about what followed.

Brantigny said...

Traitor and heretic.

You can see the key to the Bastille at Mt Vernon.

It is unfortunate that a decendant of a companion of the Maid, should turn out thus.