Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Queen and the Cats

Calee M. Lee has written a charming children's book entitled The Queen and the Cats, illustrated by Turbo Qualls. According to the press release:
Queen Helena has brought the greatest of gifts to the people of Cyprus. But when she tries to present the treasure, the Queen discovers that the local churches have been infested with a deadly problem. It’s up to Queen Helena and a little village girl to come up with a solution that will make the churches safe once more.
The Queen and the Cats tells a little-known, but dearly loved story of Saint Helena, mother to Emperor Constantine. After discovering the location of the True Cross in the Holy Land, Saint Helena visited the island of Cyprus.

Featuring 24 full-color illustrations and a charming story that will introduce little princesses to this royal saint. Ages 4-8. Available in print and ebook formats.
Since St. Helena is my patron saint, I was delighted that there is a new children's book about her, especially one which shows the saint expressing love and concern in a concrete, practical way. The veneration of relics, the holiness of the house of God, and the sacred priesthood are among the concepts presented to little ones in ways that they can understand. I recommend the book as an ideal gift for small girls, especially those who love cats! Share


Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Holy Cross AND cats for Cyprus?

Now, the daughter of King Cole IS a good saint!

Will be forwarded to another Helen I know.

Mrs. Rudd said...

My patron also!

I'll start looking for it. It would be a good addition to our 1st grade library (I'm trying to introduce them to saints.)

Kindle Fire Mom said...

Thank you so much for reviewing my book. I love that there are so many stories of the saints that can really connect with children (and the child-like :). I hope my little book blesses all those who have a chance to read it!