Monday, April 15, 2024

Iran Coordinated Attack

 From The Easton Gazette:

Independent journalist Amir Tsarfati, who is close to the Israeli official press, put out a shocker of a statement this morning. It is clear this morning that the Iranian attack was coordinated with the American administration. It is likely that the Iranians gave a warning that they were going to attack, and the US assured them that it would not allow an Israeli response. The Biden administration, in the most monstrous way, continues to see Iran as an asset, with which agreements must be reached. (Read more.)


Meanwhile, airspace is shut down across the Middle East. From Christine Dolan:

With Iranian missile strikes bombarding Israel on Saturday, the airspace over the Mideast has been shut down and a host of decisions have been made to divert and cancel flights.  United Airlines canceled its Newark to Tel Aviv flights on Saturday. The airlines had just resumed its service to Tel Aviv early last month after suspending Israel flights following the Hamas attacks last October. Jordan and Iraq have also closed their airspace, according to Jordanian state-owned media news outlet Al Mamlaka.

“We are closely monitoring the situation and will make decisions on upcoming flights with a focus on the safety of our customers and crews,” United said in a statement. The carrier is the only U.S. airline to have resumed service to Israel since October. Delta was scheduled to restart flights to Tel Aviv on June. 7. American Airlines never resumed service to Israel. United also canceled its flight from Washington Dulles International Airport to Amman, Jordan on Saturday night, “due to unrest in the Middle East.” (Read more.)


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