Saturday, September 2, 2023

Yale Police Union Distributes Controversial Flyer on Campus Safety

 From Sara Carter:

The Yale Police Union in New Haven has sparked controversy by distributing a public safety flyer featuring an image of the Grim Reaper to students as they arrived at the Ivy League university’s campus this week. The flyer, accompanied by alarming statistics about crime, drew criticism from both Yale and New Haven city officials who deemed it “misleading” and fear-inducing, according to reports from Fox News.

Yale University expressed strong disapproval of the pamphlet in a statement, asserting that it contained “disturbing and inflammatory rhetoric” aimed at creating fear among new students and their families. The flyer claimed that crime in New Haven was “getting worse” and highlighted statistics indicating an increase in murders, burglaries, and motor vehicle thefts, all sourced from the New Haven Police Department.

The flyer’s tone raised concerns, advising students to take precautionary measures such as avoiding the streets after 8 p.m., not walking alone, and staying on campus. While the statistics in the flyer are accurate, officials point out that they might not provide a comprehensive view of the situation. For instance, while the number of homicides this year has increased compared to the same period last year, it remains lower than the tally in early August 2021. Similarly, while motor vehicle thefts have surged dramatically this year, other categories of crime have shown varying trends.

Furthermore, Yale Police Chief Anthony Campbell expressed his discontent with the union’s approach, describing himself as “disgusted” by their decision to disseminate the flyer. New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker labeled the pamphlet as “childish” and “selfish,” according to reports, emphasizing that it detracted from the cooperative efforts between law enforcement and the community.

Yale University acknowledged that the move-in day should be a positive and memorable experience for new students and their families and expressed disappointment that the flyer ran counter to the intended spirit of the day. The incident sheds light on the complex interplay between campus safety concerns, communication strategies, and the responsibilities of law enforcement unions in academic settings. (Read more.)


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