Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Will Poland Have to 'Enter' Ukraine?

 From Human Events:

Poland’s ambassador to France said that the country would have no choice but to enter the war in Ukraine if the war-torn country ultimately fails to protect itself. Jan Emeryk Rościszewski noted that Ukraine’s potential failure would force Warsaw to engage in military conflict with Russia because the Eastern power would threaten Poland’s "civilization and culture," according to the Daily Mail. Rościszewski went on to say that it "is not NATO, Poland and Slovakia that are mounting ever more pressure, but Russia, which has invaded Ukraine."

"Russia, which is seizing its territories. Russia, which is killing its people. And Russia, which is abducting Ukrainian children."

Rościszewski’s mention of Russia abducting Ukrainian children recently caught the attention of the International Criminal Court (ICC), which has recently called for the arrest of Russian President Vladimir Putin for the war crime of reportedly abducting children and relocating them to re-education camps within Russian borders. Poland’s ambassador to France continued by suggesting that "either Ukraine will defend its independence today, or we will have to enter this conflict." (Read more.)


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