Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Ministers of Misinformation

 From Laura Rosen Cohen at Steyn Online:

Make no mistake about it, there is pure evil walking, talking and acting among us and as one parenthetical proof, I present you with this bit of evidence: America has a "human geyser of misinformation" as its Minister of Truth. There are serious, repeating messages being sent to us from above, and we must listen to them. We must read the writing on the wall, listen to what the truly evil humans around us are saying, and open our eyes and see what they are doing and not be afraid to face it and fight it. Above all, we protect the children; your children, my children, all children. Creating life is a humbling and miraculous partnership between a mother and father and G-d. All lives are created with souls and it is our sacred duty, our adult and human responsibility to protect life, and reclaim the Culture of Life away from grip of the Culture of Death. We must be vigilant and aggressive, assertive and dominant as we battle with our every breath for the sanctity of life. Mark Steyn himself frequently says that the current political battle in our world is not "left" and "right", but rather "free" and "unfree". I would add that every human, willing or not, has been conscripted into a battle and must "choose life" or "choose death". Pick. Your. Lane. Choose wisely and never rest because evil never rests. (Read more.)


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