Friday, August 10, 2018

The Beauty of Murano Glass

From Victoria:
Since its founding in 1295, Barovier & Toso has emerged as an influential producer of Murano glass. Originally begun by the Barovier family, the business’s narrative spans generations and has weathered everything from war to changes in taste and style. Angelo Barovier revolutionized the industry with his innovative clear crystal around 1450; five hundred years later, descendant Ercole Barovier’s distinctive designs further enhanced the enterprise’s preeminent reputation, a standing that continues to this day.

 Forty or so glassworkers—glass masters, their assistants, and others involved in production and assembly—ply their trade at the Barovier & Toso factory. Becoming a master takes a considerable time, an on-the-job learning experience that lasts for years. Here, a glass master makes a gilded leaf, which will adorn a chandelier; the leaf will be transferred to a low-temperature oven before it can be joined with its counterparts. Gleaming elements of the Taif chandelier, which is produced in an array of colors, await assembly. (Read more.)

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