Friday, August 3, 2018

Selling Your Soul

Not that it ever once entered my mind that I might be selling my soul for supporting Trump, in spite of the virulent attacks from all sides. I saw voting for Clinton, or doing anything to help her win, as not only soul-selling but soul-destroying. From Life Site:
This was one of first lessons drilled into me at Hillsdale: human nature is fallen. The Founders knew self-serving leaders would be such a constant of American history that they baked it into the Constitution, balancing the various parts of government so that ambition would be “made to counteract ambition.” They expected checks and balances to work through officeholders’ self-interest, not their high-mindedness.

In other words, they never expected selfless moral exemplars to be the norm, and understood that the task of good government doesn’t indefinitely pause just because we dislike the finite choices the democratic process has given us. The question remains whether to attempt to do good through a flawed vehicle, or accept an administration committed to massive evil. (Read more.)

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