Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Russia Conspiracies and Fracking Technologies

An interview with Carter Page. From American Consequences:
There’s the – what I call the “witch hunt” side of the question, and then there’s the civil side. I am suing the Broadcasting Board of Governors, which is a federal agency. They were the ones that retransmitted the Yahoo News report, which was used as part of the illegitimate foreign intelligence surveillance court warrant that was placed on me in October 2016. And I’m also suing both Oath Inc., which is the owner of Yahoo News and Huffington Post, which put out over a dozen defamatory articles.

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial approach throughout life. And big defamation cases – there’s this famous case against ABC News called the “Pink Slime case” – major cases like that sometimes run into tens of millions of dollars of legal fees. So I thought it was a great time to actually dig into the details myself. And you know, in any law case, it’s always a balance between facts and the law. And I think the facts, once they’re fully known, it should be a pretty easy case. But there’s a lot of major lies in Washington right now that need to be worked out that have really damaged President Trump’s administration.

That ties back into the sort of an investor focus of what Trump is dealing with in Europe right now, because I think there’s a dark cloud over his administration based on this completely fraudulent story. Regarding the special counsel investigation, there are a lot of leaks to the Washington Post and others regarding my spending over 10 hours with the FBI in March 2017. There’s been less news about my cooperation with the special counsel investigation, but it has been reported in the New York Times and Washington Post and others that yes, I spent time with them last year, and in that case I did have a great team of lawyers helping me, but nothing that was accused against myself or anyone I knew has any merit or basis to it whatsoever. (Read more.)

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