Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Performance Journalism

From Townhall:
CNN’s Jim Acosta has become the favorite punching bag for the right. He and his network is a constant target for President Trump. He’s tried to fight the administration, every time he gets slapped down. Trump told him directly during one press spray in the Oval Office to get out. Even the White House staff knows how to deal with Jim.  Senior Adviser Stephen Miller took him to the woodshed during a presser about the Trump White House’s changes to our immigration policy concerning green card applications last year. From North Korea to the recent rally in Tampa, Florida, Acosta is being trashed. He then gets his television hot, where he laments how he feels like he isn’t in America anymore when people heckle him. Not everyone is receptive to this form of “performance journalism.” Former CNN producer Steve Krakauer called his antics embarrassing, while former MSNBC host Dave Shuster pretty much told Acosta to cut it out. Acosta had tweeted he was sad that Press Secretary Sarah Sanders didn’t declare that the press wasn’t the enemy of the people after the Tampa rally. Shuster more or less said suck it up, buttercup. (Read more.)

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