Monday, April 30, 2018

Modern and Marie-Antoinette Inspired

 From Maison Global:
No matter the room, Ms. Bikoff loves mixing modern and antique pieces. Her bedroom is no exception. “This is one of my favorite rooms as it reminds me of a more modern Marie Antoinette-inspired space,” she said. “A few amazing pieces live in my bedroom, like the chrome bench covered in Marc Jacobs ruffled velvet fabric and a Chinese black rug from the 1920s. The bedside table is a special piece because I added the floating glass top myself. It makes that space on either side of my bed feel more contemporary, due to the glossy surface atop the velvet cheetah-printed Italian side tables. When turned on, the Victorian heart lamp radiates the most beautiful pink hue and adds a romantic yet charming feel to the whole room.” The 18th century vanity, sourced at a Paris flea market, is a treasured piece, one that Ms. Bikoff thinks every woman should have. “I put the amethyst crystal knobs on and then I did the chair with the Hermès scarf stool,” she said. “I love that this vanity is such a throwback. I love things that make you feel nostalgic, and when you sit there and do your makeup, you feel so glamorous, like Marie Antoinette or Marilyn Monroe.” (Read more.)

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