Saturday, April 28, 2018

Just Like Nazis

Little Alfie is now with the angels. We pray for forgiveness for those who refused to let his parents take him to the hospital in Rome for further treatment. We forget that Hitler had his admirers among some of the English upper classes. It seems that a particular attitude still prevails. But it's nothing new. So many stood by while the Irish starved to death, too. From Life Site:
A leading German pediatrician is saying that the way the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is dealing with disabled toddler Alfie Evans and his parents would never happen in his country given its history with the Nazi regime. “We have learned in Germany because of our history, that there are things that you do not do with severely disabled patients,” Professor Nikolaus Haas, head of the Child Cardiology and Pediatric Intensive Medicine Unit at Munich University Hospital, told Germany’s Die Welt newspaper in an April 26 article.

“Our ethical understanding in Germany is different, I mean - thank God. The [hospital’s] logic that it is better for the child to die than that someone else looks at it, and even to sue [for that] in court, this is an unimaginable behavior for me,” he said. Professor Haas may have been referring to the euthanasia program of Nazi-ruled Germany in which, between 1939 and 1945, thousands of children with mental or physical disabilities were exterminated. (Read more.)
Meanwhile, a young working class father makes a heroic stand for his little son, in spite of the mockery of elites. From Regina:
 A teenager when he learned of his girlfriend's pregnancy, Tom did not send her to an abortion clinic. Instead, he stood by her, and when their 8 month old Alfie fell ill, he did what every good dad would do — he stood by his son. Now, Tom is a working class guy in an England where the ‘Labour' Party once championed the rights of the working classes. It was Labour, after all, which brought in the National Health Service in the 1940's as the crown jewel in their working class victory; after losing their sons to two pitiless world wars, England's working men and women would have their government-paid health care.  Today, Tom's baby son has been targeted by a new kind of Labour Party — and their Conservative counterparts — who want him to sit down and shut up, and accept the ‘reality' that Alfie has to die in the dubious care of the NHS their grandfathers fought for.
Tom, Christ-like, has been made a public spectacle. For pleading for basic care for his son, he's been threatened by lawyers, vilified in the national press, clucked over by the nation's chattering classes and abandoned by the high priests.‘Poor Tom‘, the professional chatterers say, and the unspoken is palpable: ‘Just a chav who won't accept his lot in life.‘ For days, they all have been smugly waiting for Alfie to die. Except, he won't. Against all ‘expert' opinion which stated he wouldn't live three minutes off the ventilator, Alfie continues to breathe on his own.
Now, photos are circulating on social media that reveal the horrendous hygiene that Alfie has been subjected to in the NHS hospital Alder Hey:  left to lie in his own urine, given moldy tubes to breathe through. Clearly, Tom's pleas have been ignored by hospital staff.  So, he filed lawsuits for murder against three Alder Hey doctors. (“This is a desperate man,” is the reaction we get from the court records, clucking over poor, clueless Tom.) Meanwhile, Alfie continues to breathe on his own.

Undaunted, Tom set off to speak to the Pope — and miracle of miracles, he got Francis's support.  (After the Vatican's notorious silence on Charlie Gard, this is a wonder in itself.) Italian citizenship for Alfie quickly followed, with an air ambulance still at the ready to whisk Alfie away. But within days the Archbishop of Liverpool ran scurrying to the Vatican to explain why Alfie must die, and why he would not allow any Catholic priests to minister to the family. (Which, in a stunning display of craven churchmanship he has quickly denied ever saying, blaming his auxiliary instead.) Meanwhile, Alfie continues to breathe on his own. (Read more.)
As for anti-Catholicism, it is still alive and well. From Church Militant:
 The Daily Mirror's Susie Boniface went further, slamming Christians in general — and Catholics in particular — while veering into outright blasphemy. On Wednesday, Boniface lashed out at Alfie's backers, calling them "bandwagon bandits who have leapt on his tragedy to push religious fundamentalism down our throats."

Mocking Christ, she wrote that "while many strange powers are attributed to Jesus and those who have faith in him, no one made a note of [H]is 'Miracle of the Regrowing Brain.'"

"But hey, the pope wants to help," Boniface continued. "A man who is the earthly representative of the deity who is theologically responsible for robbing a tiny baby of all higher cognitive function. Tell me this: if [serial killer] Fred West's mate offered to babysit, would you say yes?" The columnist — who describes herself as "often sarcastic, occasionally right" — went on to imply that Christians should support destroying human life to save human life, lashing out at them for "arguing against the sort of embryonic research that may one day cure babies with the same condition as Alfie."

"If there is any such thing as evil incarnate, it is not inside Alder Hey," she wrote, instead, "It lies in the narrow minds of ignorant zealots who want to 'protect' Alfie while doing everything they can to ensure children like him suffer more."

"If that's what your God wants," Boniface added, "best you keep him to yourself." (Read more.)
From The American Thinker:
The British government, eager to prove its merit as a proper socialist state, has made a cottage industry of delineating the conditions of collective ownership of the individual in the starkest terms.  Last year, their poster child for the principle of the individual as dispensable cell of the socialist collective was named Charlie Gard.  This year, he is known as Baby Alfie.  In both cases, the parents are outright denied the freedom to seek further treatment for a child the State has decided is not worth trying to save.  In both cases, the further treatment in question would not cost the British government, in the form of the National Health Service, a penny.  In both cases, the Catholic Church has offered to treat the baby in Rome for free.  In both cases, the child's parents – in Alfie's case, Tom Evans and Kate James – have fought long sickening court battles against their owners, the British Government, only to be denied every time in favor of "the best interests of the child," i.e. premature death by starvation. (Read more.)
 Gingrich weighs in:
The secular system has asserted its right to define what lives are worth living and is determined to prevent its authority from being questioned. Alfie Evans’ life – like Charlie Gard’s before him – has been determined to be limited by the standards of the secular state, and therefore without value. These tragic government-imposed death sentences for innocent infants should frighten all of us about increasing secularism in society and the steady shift towards a totalitarian willingness to control our lives – down to and including ending them – on the government’s terms. (Read more.) 
I am as thrilled by the royal baby as anyone but the way the Left has turned on a working class baby shows that they really have no use for the poor except when votes are needed. From Breitbart: 
The three mainstream U.S. television networks have heaped attention on the new little British prince while silencing the heartbreaking story of little Alfie Evans who is fighting for his life against attempts by the British state to euthanize him.

On April 23, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, gave birth to her third child with Prince William, an event that electrified American news channels. The three major networks—ABC, CBS, and NBC—devoted a combined total of more than 28 minutes to the royal news, while completely omitting mention of another baby who languished in a UK hospital after officials removed his life support against his parents’ wishes. (Read more.) 
 And it keeps getting more horrendous. From The Federalist:
A British doctor treating Alfie Evans told reporters off the record his parents won’t be allowed to take their child out of the hospital, even to die at home, unless there is a “sea change” in their attitude. Alfie’s parents are battling the hospital and the government of the United Kingdom to continue caring for their little boy, who is suffering from an undiagnosed condition that British doctors say has rendered him terminally ill. Although he was taken off life support Monday night, Alfie has continued to live with the help of an oxygen tank. The courts have ruled his parents cannot take him out of the country, and have allowed the hospital to keep Alfie in their “care” by force. (Read more.)

 Death. From Life Site:
Alfie James Evans was a baptized Catholic, like his father. His mother belongs to the Reformed tradition. If a baptized child before the age of reason dies, he goes straight to heaven, according to Catholic teaching. “Baptized and under ‘the age of reason’, he does not need our prayers,” tweeted Dr Joseph Shaw, a Catholic ethicist at Oxford University. “His family, and everyone else involved, do.”
In a statement issued on its website, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, England, said: “We wish to express our heartfelt sympathy and condolences to Alfie’s family at this extremely distressing time. All of us feel deeply for Alfie, Kate, Tom and his whole family and our thoughts are with them. This has been a devastating journey for them and we would ask that their privacy and the privacy of staff at Alder Hey is respected.” On Monday, Alfie’s father Thomas Evans posted a video on Facebook saying that when the hospital staff removed Alfie’s ventilator at 9:17 p.m., he was able to breathe on his own. The toddler lived for more than four days without the machine. (Read more.)

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Unknown said...

I shed many tears for Alfie.

How can anyone do this to a child?!

Unknown said...

Anti Catholicism? I think its the spirit of AntiChrist in general.

elena maria vidal said...

I don't know but people with a Nazi mentality do this sort of thing every day, including abortion and selling the body parts.

Unknown said...

Sadly I don't think the story would,have ended differently if the parents had been Protestant.

elena maria vidal said...

No but Alfie's Catholic father led the fight for his son's life amid a great deal of anti-Catholic mockery.