Saturday, April 7, 2018

Bellocq: The Art of Tea

From Victoria:
As cofounders of Bellocq Tea Atelier, Heidi and Michael celebrate the art of teatime. Impeccable, sleek canisters aligned in neat rows create a stunning focal point in the Brooklyn storefront. Customers are greeted by dramatic aubergine walls and the aroma of small-batch teas. Seemingly balanced for color, each vessel proclaims its variety in lovely script and encases eye-catching assortments.

The adage quality over quantity is a part of Heidi and Michael’s business philosophy. Stocking only a small selection of the finest varieties ensures the best for Bellocq’s clientele. Michael emphasizes the importance of genuinely enjoying the brew. “We want everyone to find that kind of untroubled comfort,” he says. (Read more.)


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