Thursday, April 12, 2018

Confusing the Government With God

From The Stream:
One of the worst problems in history has been this: We mistake God for the government, and the government for God. By history I mean ancient, as in the Book of Genesis: What else should we call the Tower of Babel but this: A massive government program ordered by a tyrant. Its goal? To forge a purely human link to heaven. To assert that the state (and via group narcissism, its people) could grab eternal glory by man’s own sweaty exertions. God knew just what to do: He knocked down the tower and confused all its people by making them speak different languages.

Now, I’d once thought of this bible passage was in part a “just-so” story to explain the diversity of human tongues. But it’s much more than that. It’s a warning against attempts to weld human peoples together artificially. To ever form one world government, as some idealists dream.

The dream of imposing a single currency, a secret oligarchy, and limitless alien migrants on more than dozen countries will end just as badly as Lenin’s experiment. I’m confident that in my lifetime, delighted crowds will smash the EU’s Brussels headquarters with pickaxes, as they did the Berlin Wall. (Read more.)

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