Sunday, April 29, 2018

Justice: A Forgotten Virtue

In the life of St. Catherine of Siena. From Nobility:
Catherine could scarcely perform any public exercise of piety, without exciting a calumny, and drawing upon herself the persecutions of those same individuals who ought to have defended and encouraged her; and let us not be astonished: Religious who have not perfectly overcome their self-love, allow their jealousy to carry them farther than persons in the world. As the Sisters of Penance saw Catharine, yet so young, surpassing all the others by the austerity of her life, the severity of morals, and the fervor of her prayer and a sublime contemplation, some among them were seduced by Satan, and began through envy to censure her conduct, and denounce her to some religious of the Order. If some extolled her virtue, and proved it by things evident to all, others, maintained that she was instigated by an evil spirit. Those females, genuine descendants of Eve, acted so adroitly that they seduced Adam himself, that is to say, the Superiors of the Convent of St Dominic, who would not receive her, refused her Holy Communion, and even went so far as to deprive her of her Confessor. She supported the whole with patience and without murmuring, as though she were not the injured one, and no one ever heard her utter the smallest complaint. (Read more.)

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