Sunday, April 29, 2018

Death Penalty for Rape of Children

From NBC News:
India's government on Saturday approved of the death penalty for people convicted of raping children under 12, responding to widespread outrage over the recent rape and killing of a young girl and other attacks on children. An order was approved by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Cabinet and was being sent to the president for his approval, the Press Trust of India news agency reported. It will require the approval of Parliament within six months to become law. But in the meantime, suspects can be prosecuted under the order. The move follows widespread outrage over the recent rape and killing of an 8-year-old girl in India's Jammu-Kashmir state, the alleged rape of a girl by a ruling party lawmaker in Uttar Pradesh state and several other rape cases involving girls in the country. (Read more.)
 Trump has been working to rescue child trafficking victims. From the Artsci Blog:
My highest, most-pressing goals are to address and prevent rape, child rape, child sex trafficking and human trafficking-and-to address and fight corruption. How about you? As far as I can tell, Democrats refuse to deal with these epidemics, other than to create occasional hashtags or to defend and protect the pedophiles and rapists in their orbit. Bill Clinton has raped women. Harvey Weinstein has raped many women. Anthony Weiner is in jail for pedophilia, Jeff Epstein was in jail for rape/pedophilia/registered sex offender, Hillary Clinton attacks women who accuse her husband of rape. In her life as a lawyer, has defended a violent pedophile, but never a female rape victim or a child rape victim-not even once.

Hillary’s brother played ball for Joe Paterno at Penn State, and her father has a scholarship in his name there-while Jerry Sandusky was raping boys and getting access to vulnerable children through Second Mile Foundation. Bill Clinton’s White House Counsel was retained by Penn State at the time. Bill Clinton used his office to free a convicted child trafficker in jail in Haiti, Laura Silsby. Laura Silsby is now Laura Gayler and works at Alert Sense, which makes Amber Alerts. Would a convicted child trafficker who did jail time for kidnapping and trafficking children work for Amber Alerts without the Clinton’s intervention? Bill Clinton was even disbarred for lying about womanizing Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office.

Hillary Clinton presided over a child sex scandal as her State Department overlooked Diplomats raping child “prostitutes” while on duty-in America and abroad. A recent article has Sec of State Clinton refusing to fire a sexual harasser, keeping him in power, over the protests of his victims, women who worked for Hillary. Hillary Clinton’s campaign was warned not to work with Harvey Weinstein because he’s a rapist, which they ignored. De Blasio administration employee, Jacob Schwartz, was arrested with over 3,000 images of child porn, specifically infant porn, which is specifically-men raping 6 month old infants….He’s close friends with Robby Mook- Clinton’s head campaign strategist, and John Podesta, her campaign manager who is also accused of being a pedophile.

I have never seen a single attempt by the Clinton’s to address (other than as an aside or to answer a direct question they can’t avoid) any kind of rape, child rape, child trafficking, or pedophilia, nor have I seen them enact any form of action on this topic. In fact in 2015, US Soldiers were told to ignore all child sex rape and sex abuse, including that of a young boy who was reportedly chained to a bed and kept as a sex slave. As far as I can see, The Clinton’s are fine with womanizing, rape, pedophilia, sexual harassment, child trafficking and slandering Bill’s female victims.

I personally, researched child trafficking arrests in 2017, versus 2012–2016. Within the first 3–4 months of Trump’s Presidency, arrests for child sex trafficking and pedophilia surpassed the Obama last term. Hear me: I stopped tallying when the total arrests in the first 3 months of 2017, surpassed ALL of Obama’s last term. There are, in fact, so many write ups about this online, that liberal media, incapable of dealing with this fact-simply calls it a “conspiracy theory” rather than actually take the time to look at the numbers.

Why anyone would want to dismiss huge amounts of pedophile sex rings being taken down, and child-trafficking arrests, is beyond my understanding. I want to address and end rape, child rape, human trafficking/sex trafficking and any kind of child abuse, full stop. Further, I am compelled to support anyone and anything that does. (Read more.)

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