Tuesday, May 16, 2017

From Carson to Colbert

From Stream:
Those who mock the Trump motto, “Make America Great Again,” who claim they don’t understand how anyone could think America was ever great, might begin to understand what many of us mean, in at least this one way: Prior to the Age of the Left, during which we have lived since the mid-1960s, there were places in America where Americans could enjoy life and one another without politics intruding, not to mention hate-filled politics like Colbert’s.

Americans could watch sports events without athletes showing contempt for the American flag and the national anthem; without sportscasters and sports writers labeling as racist anyone who used the team name “Redskins”; without sports shows injecting politics into their programming, as ESPN does now so often that many sports fans no longer watch it.

It was an America where elementary teachers referred to their students as “boys and girls.” Today, teachers in more and more states are directed not to use those terms, as some 6-year-old may not identify as a boy or a girl. (Read more.)

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Diamantina, aka Gentillylace said...

I dislike the motto "Make America Great Again" because it implies that the United States of America is not currently great -- not because it has never been great! I think that America has always been a great (if flawed) country. In my opinion, the United States of America will always be great and it will always be flawed. God willing, it will be less flawed and even greater in the future.