Monday, May 1, 2017

Ask the Expert: Top 5 Spring Decorating Ideas

From Victoria:
Spring is the season that celebrates fresh new beginnings; it’s a season filled with natural beauty and color. Once winter is over, I can’t wait to celebrate spring’s glorious return by infusing our home with the colors, shapes, and scents of the season. It is so rewarding to re-imagine and refresh our existing rooms by adding a few show-stopping accessories, or just rearranging some of the antiques that are already there.

Living in California, our garden bursts into bloom quite early, and I draw inspiration from Mother Nature. The garden is visible through large French windows in the living room, as well as in our master bedroom, and I let it take center stage in my decorating. I bring in lots of soft neutral colors of white, cream, and linen, with just a few colorful accents.

As an antiques dealer, I am always trying to incorporate heirlooms into our home’s design in new ways, so change is a constant. For spring, I edit my collections and display fewer pieces to freshen and lighten the look, like antique Limoges porcelains with pastel colors on a tea tray. Pillows in bright colors line our couch in the living room. I design simpler table settings with silver, china, and antique white table linens, so that my flower arrangements, and spring’s fresh foods, can really take center stage. (Read more.)

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