Saturday, May 20, 2017

Abortion Reversal

From American Thinker:
An American Thinker article last year described early results of abortion pill reversal therapy using progesterone.  Currently, more than 600 women have been treated with progesterone protocols to reverse the abortion pill, and the latest results of a new study (currently under review) by George Delgado and others of 600 women from the APR program show that 60-70% of pregnancies survive when the best protocols for abortion pill reversal are used. It has been known since the 1980s that some early pregnancies survive RU-486.  A new analysis of the original mifepristone literature in a second article by Davenport, Delgado, Harrison, and Khauv estimates the embryo survival rate after mifepristone, with current medical abortion doses, to be in the range of 25%.  This is important, because the large difference between 60-70% survival with progesterone reversal and the 25% survival rate if a woman just takes the mifepristone, omits misoprostol (the second drug in abortion protocols), and just waits means that progesterone reversal is an effective therapy.  Although abortion advocates have asserted that the more than 300 babies who are alive with progesterone therapy would have survived anyway, these new studies demonstrate that the progesterone therapy made the difference between life and death for these pregnancies. (Read more.)


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