Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Political Correctnesss: More Dangerous Than ISIS

From Mark O'Malley:
The left in their hypocrisy are now more more concerned about non existent racism on college campuses, while advocating punishing people that basically disagree with their sick fascist ideology but the terrorists who kill liberals and conservatives without mercy are ignored, and worse, the left blames the West for the behavior of terrorists and always try to acknowledge their grievances, and especially after every major terror attack. Just to reiterate the Muslim terrorist has no grievance but has a desire to enslave “the unbelievers” until they submit to Allah, it just that simple. It is the same goal of Hitler, that all should bow to the Fuhrer or you will die, or Stalin, Mao or any other tyrannical regime. The left who espouse justice are sick with their tyrannical desire to silence their opposition, declare “the right” as enemies, instead of viewing themselves as the loyal opposition, that most conservatives do when one is in a political disagreement. (Read more.)

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