Saturday, May 30, 2015

Three Paths to Interior Peace

From Catholic Exchange:
Remember, God does not exist in chaos, though the enemy does.  Our Heavenly Father created the Earth in six days using a gentle pattern.  We must model our own lives after this.  It does no good for us to constantly chase distractions and diversions, which are the devil’s playground to foster restlessness within us.

Instead of filling our lives with mental and visual clutter, why not begin by decluttering and simplifying?  Create a sacred space, and use it.  Daily.  In our Information Age, it’s crucial that we schedule time for solitude: reflection, supplication, and most especially listening to God with our hearts.  God does not speak to us in the thunder or the rustling wind.  He speaks to us softly, sometimes barely audibly.  And I believe the purpose for this is so that we discipline ourselves to pause, listen, and wait for His response.

And He will respond if we do this.(Read more.)

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