Friday, May 22, 2015

Introducing "Tea at Trianon Radio"

On Saturday May 23 at 3pm Eastern Time, I will be launching "Tea at Trianon Radio" which will be dedicated solely to discussions about Marie-Antoinette, her life, her times, her family, and her legacy. In the first live broadcast we will be discussing the truth behind the legend of Queen Marie-Antoinette's romance with the Swedish Count Fersen. The legend has been featured in novels, films and even many biographies. But is there any historical evidence of an affair? Did the Queen really love Fersen? What were her feelings for her husband Louis XVI? Such questions and more will explored in a thirty minute segment based upon scholarship both old and new. Listeners may call in at (347) 945-6858.

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julygirl said...

I listened to your broadcast and learned an enormous amount I did not know. Thank you. Look forward to it next time.