Sunday, May 17, 2015

Marie-Antoinette's Wedding Gown

It no longer exists, having been made into vestments for the Church, but we can guess what it was like. According to Anna Gibson:
This particular contemporary engraving of Marie Antoinette and her new husband Louis Auguste in their wedding ensembles matches the descriptions of their wedding day dress quite well. No expense would have been spared for either outfit--the wedding of the heirs to the throne of France was no "simple" wedding! Marie Antoinette's dress was made from beautiful silver cloth, bedecked in diamonds and other jewels that sparkled as she passed the throngs of spectators gathered to witness the important ceremony; while Louis' ensemble, though it was described as not fitting the groom--who blushed and trembled--exceptionally well, would have been made from brilliant gold cloth. (Read more.)
The wedding dress of Hedwig Elisabeth Charlotte of Holstein Gottorp