Thursday, October 4, 2007

The State as a False God

Here is an interesting article which emphasizes the very point I tried to make in Trianon and Madame Royale. When a nation systematically divests itself of God, according to the blueprint of the French Revolution, then the State becomes a god. And every false-god is a demon, as can be seen in the totalitarian regimes of the communist and fascist nations. The government becomes all-powerful and seeks total control over people's lives, their families and their thoughts. Is it happening here, in the USA? Slowly but surely, unless good men take action. God lives; He is not mocked. The article says:

In a distorted and perverted fashion, states have tried to satisfy the human craving for union with God. Every state provides people with a false unity with other people. There is almost no state on earth that is not a fictional unity of widely disparate groups and sub-societies held together by the state’s force and guile. Every state inculcates its own transcendent unity. It tries hard to maintain this fiction and it often succeeds. But what people feel deep down is hard to alter.

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