Monday, October 8, 2007

Imitation of Christ

Has it already been a year? In the face of overwhelming evil, the Amish teach us what it is to imitate the forgiveness and compassion of Christ.

Most of us are loath to admit the real trouble with anger: anger feels good. Deliriously good. We feel righteously indignant. We feel deeply. We feel strong. We are alive, aware, on watch. And there are so many, many injustices, personal and global, worth our just wrath. It isn't until later and not much later that the anger corrodes into something more like bitterness. Prophecy becomes acrimony. Taking a stand becomes self-interested pride. Anger at an act becomes hatred against a person. And we become so attached to the power of anger, we leave no space for the power of God.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing can destroy marriage and home life like fastly held grudges that go unforgiven.