Wednesday, October 3, 2007

No Christianity in Canadian Public Life

I found this interesting article via Spirit Daily. It reminded me of a book I read last spring called Bluebloods and Rednecks by Charles Anderson, which explores the nineteenth century political and social turmoils which made Canada different from America. It is a fascinating book and has been immensely helpful in my research for the novel about Daniel O'Connor. Mr. Anderson discusses some essential differences between Canadians and Americans in his preface. To quote:

In Canada, we like to think we have mixed the elements of modern democracy differently than have our American counterparts. The uniquely Canadian melange of values has traditionally given pre-eminence to peace, order, and good government. Canada has been the land of cultural mosaic rather than the melting pot....The collective good is valued in a manner not understood in the United States where society's emphasis is on individual liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Peace and order are wonderful things. Sometimes, however, it is important to take a stand on important moral, political and religious issues, even if that means stirring the pot and disrupting the peace and the order a little bit. Americans have a history of making such stands. Yes, sometimes there has been violence, much of which should and could have been avoided. But to make a stand when conscience rightly dictates it is the duty of every free citizen. Otherwise, one ends up with a government in which people of principle and religious belief are silenced. Share


Anonymous said...

With all due respect to Fr. Neuhaus, it is highly debatable how much genuine Christianity exists in American public life.

Pilgrim said...

I just discovered your blog a week ago. I have read Trianon and Madame Royale and really enjoyed them. In fact, you helped my mother without knowing it yesterday. She has an antique store and had bought a large beautifully framed print that was about 100 years old by the look of the frame. I walked in her store and immediately said, "That's Marie-Antoinette." She had no idea, but it was the same portrait you have on your blog. God bless.

elena maria vidal said...

Hi, pilgrim, that is exciting about the picture! Thanks for tagging me for the meme; I will work on it this weekend!! Glad you enjoyed my books!!