Friday, October 5, 2007

Charlotte Brontë on Catholicism

Genevieve is reading Elizabeth Gaskell's biography of Charlotte Brontë. It sounds fascinating. (I wish I had time to read everything, but if the pile of books on the bedside table gets any higher, it will topple over.) The anti-Catholicism which is rearing its ugly head in our own times is nothing new. Even a sweet soul like Charlotte has some ugly things to say. Share


Anonymous said...

I grew up as a Protestant and also experienced the 'fear and loathing' of the Roman Catholic Church. It was a typical example of ignorance, prejudice, bigotry and extreme intolerance of any belief that differs from one's own. That is why 'open dialogue' between different thoughts and opinions is vital to break down intolerance.

Anonymous said...

Charlotte's anti-Catholic sentiments are in her novels. Two examples "The Professor" (her first novel published after her death) and "Vilette" are blantant with it!