Thursday, January 18, 2007

Vive le Roi!

Among monarchists in France, all is in readiness for January 21, as can be seen from this video. Share


Anonymous said...

Great and very moving video. I want to share with you and your readers the invitation I found in one of the French royalists blogs:



A l’occasion de l’anniversaire de l’exécution du Roi Louis XVI, le 21 janvier 1793,
vous êtes invité à participer à la
célébrée par le père ZANOTTI-SORKINE
à la mémoire du Roi Louis XVI et des victimes de la Révolution,
en l'église des Réformés (Haut de la Canebière - 13001 Marseille),
Le samedi 20 janvier 2007 à 12 heures
Avec chants grégoriens, orgues et trompette (Jean-Robert CAIN à l'orgue - Laurent FRISS à la trompette). Œuvres de PURCELL, chorals de BACH.
A 13 heures, après la messe,
au Club du Vieux-Port, 3 place aux Huiles (Marseille 1er) avec la participation de:
-Jean-Baptiste DONNIER, professeur des Universités,
-Jean-François MATTEI, professeur à l'lnstitut Universitaire de France,
sur le thème:
"L'exécution de Louis XVI, acte fondateur des totalitarismes modernes et crise de légitimité"
(Prix du repas : 31,50 €)
S'inscrire auprès de la FRP par Courriel ( ou par téléphone (06-14-78-04-98)A Aix en Provence:
Dimanche 21 Janvier à 10h30: chapelle N-D de l'Immaculée Conception. Espace Forbin- Bd Gambetta.
Lundi 21 Janvier à 18h30. Chapelle des Pénitents Gris, rue Lieutaud.

== Even when I am not a French citizen nor living in France, I will have a mass said in honor of Louis XVI and will, of course, pray for him together with all those people around the world that will remember him as the martyr he is.- Oh! I found a French Royalist Forum that stroke me hard: It has the image of Aragorn (LOTR) which without words is saying all:The Return of the King. Thanks

elena maria vidal said...

Thank you, Maru! Magnifique!
The link to the video was sent to me by fellow monarchist Monsieur de Brantigny. I guess we are all part of the right-wing conspiracy.....

Jeffrey Smith said...

That was one of the most encouraging items I've seen in quite some time.

elena maria vidal said...

Let us pray that someday we can all sit together at his beatification.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Yessssss, we are part of the right-wing conspiracy!!!! hahahahahaha! In fact, we are just a part of the ring of dreamers who believe in seeing justice done. (Fellowship of the Royal Family)Thanks for this blog where we, dreamers and believers in justice, in spite of everything, can meet and express our thoughts.
On regards of yhe beatification of the French Royal Family, I wonder why it has taken so long for the Catholic Church to move ahead with it?

elena maria vidal said...

I think any time political controversy is involved, it slows up a cause for sainthood. Let us hope someone will act soon....

Anonymous said...

Madame, Thank you for the kind mention. I am not part of the "vast right wing conspiracy" but I am part of the Counter-Revolutionary movement.

As for the Royal family becoming Saints... It doesn't matter if they are placed on the Calendar or not. The Church merely says that they are assuredly in Heaven. There are many, numbers untold, who are in heaven by virtue of saintly heroic lives that we do not even know about. We celebrate their feast on All Saints Day.

It took the Church a long time to affirm the doctine of the Immaculate Conception, yet the Church Militant believed it so for many centuries. The great thing about the Church is it cannot make a mistake, therefore it has literally all the time in the world.

I for one have no doubt that there are more than one St Louis in Heaven. St Louis, King and Martyr; that rings well does it not.

Riv le Roi!
de Brantigny

elena maria vidal said...

My sentiments exactly, Monsieur. I was teasing about the "conspiracy;" yes, the correct term is "counter-revolutionary."

jasoncpetty said...

It's fitting and wonderful that the meeting (at the end of the video) will commence at/from a church.

elena maria vidal said...

Absolutely, jason! It is as the roi-martyr would have wished!