Monday, January 22, 2007

Let us pray for an end to Abortion

Two great articles from the NOR on the on-going infamy of infanticide in our country and in our world.



Anonymous said...

Madame, Many people think that if the heinous Roe v Wade dicision is overturned that will be the
deathknell of the abortion movement in this country.
It will not. In fact it will only serve to do two things, 1. It will cause the individual states and dependanceies to vote on abortion. So instead of one fight on abortion
in the USSC we will have 54, one in each state, the district of Columbia and each protectorate, (Guam,Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. 2. At the same time it will be voted on in the seprate states and dominions, the fight will return to the congress.
In 1973 it was not possible to combat the Prolife foes in congress by the Abortion proponents so they
went to a liberal court and made up a right. Today with a democratic congess and non-conservative
republicans I am not so sure they would face the same opposition today as in 1973.

So what is the answer. First should the Roe v Wade decision be overturned, then is the time to gear up for the fight. Don't rest on the laurels of victory, Sic transit Gloria (all glory is fleeting), should be the watch phrase. Be prepared at the drop of a hat to avoid the pitfalls of the liberal method of attacking
the Prolife community, 1. Don't allow them to set the
vocabulary by using words like prochoice, anti-Abortion, fetus, etc. These words serve them,
Americans abhor Anti-anything,
usually like to be called pro-something. Using fetus
makes the baby a faceless entity. 2. Be prepared with facts, have them on your fingertips. Dont' be sucked into the argument that says, well what if it was incest or rape. Abortion is wrong for wahtever
reason. We pray that God relieve us of these choices but once an immoral decission is made it can not be undone.

If we vote we must vote for irtuous Catholic candidates who view abortion the same way. Wishy wash
Catholics will vote for exceptions. Lukewarm Catholics or Catholics in name only will prove to be the same way in congress. Start at the state level, because that is where the battle will be set. John Kerry, Theodore Kennedy, Nancy Polosi, Arnold Swartzenegger, Mario Coumo, Rudy Guilliani are not good examples of good Catholics. They hurt the body of Christ. Write the Bishops and deliver your
concerns about the validity of communion with them when they go so forcefully against the faith. just
because they were raised in the faith doesn't mean they practice the faith. Actions speak louder than words.

Withhold your funds from parties which espose a proabortion platform or members. I have had it with
both parties. They are the same side of the same coin. There is not a lesser of two evils there is
just evil. As Herod killed off the Holy Innocents, thus satan attcks the most defenseless and weak.

Today for the 5th time in as many years the President of the United States will PHONE in HIS support of the Prolife movement at the Washington monument, from Camp David Maryland. I cannot think of a better example of moral cowardace. If the President feels so storngly against abortion, why is he not with them in person as well as spirit? Is it because he does not really believe what he is saying.


de Brantigny

elena maria vidal said...

Thank you, dear Monsieur. What interesting points, very thought-provoking. I think that someday Roe will be overturned but in the meantime we must educate people so that their hearts will be turned from the evil of abortion. We also must start more constructive means to help women who are pregnant and in need.

Anonymous said...

At Mass yesterday morning, a visiting priest from Mt. St. Mary's Seminary read a portion of Blessed Mother Teresa's speech regarding abortion at a prayer breakfast in DC. Politicans and Pres. Clinton were at that breakfast. She was quietly blunt and I'm sure it caused squirming.
I appreciated the priest including that speech in his homily!

This past Thursday's edition of the Catholic Review (paper of the Archdiocese of Baltimore) contained two articles regarding abortion. From what was described, both clearly illustrated the impact of abortion on people's lives. It only does more harm than good and kills love.